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Nearshoring for the first time to Mexico? We go to places that other can't.

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Your business deserves a team of experts  with the right knowledge and infrastructure to guarantee your supply chain continuity. Radixer can offer your that and much more. 

Consolidate all your Logistics

We can take care of all your needs; from small pack, to air freight and ocean containers. We can be your transportation one stop shop and put it all in your desktop.

We adapt to you

We know that business is complicated as it is, so you don't need to deal with another carrier, or special instruction, we will adapt to your needs to integrate with you, not the other way.

Easy logistics

The way it should be. 

Logistics is not a new concept, its old, and transportation is even older, yet in recent years there's been a push to try and sale it as something that is  obscure, painful and complicated. 

If it's true that the global regulatory requirements and the speed of international trade is adding complexity to the supply chain, in Radixer we believe that the customer should not worry about that

That's how our slogan was born; we were trying to capture our purpose: make your life easier, so that you can focus on your business and not on shipping, on customer service and not on dealing with multiple carriers; on innovation and growth without worrying of how are you going to ship that... Logistics made easy.


Born in Cd. Juárez, Chih. México. the first operations office


Freight and small pack capacity


Launch of Intelinet, the IT backbone of Radixer operations


Radixer is legally incorporated. Start of  ocean operations


Start of international operations


Radixer is a well established and respected Logistics player

We are honored to have among our customers